Universal Theme Installer for Xderm Mini GUI

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Xderm Mini GUI Custom Theme Template for Themer

This installer script template is useful for Xderm Mini theme creator.


Current Version : 4.3

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**How xdrtheme-installer Script Working & What features are available on it**

xdrtheme-installer will clone your github repository and update local file by repo clone, which mean this script need wget and git packages. Then this script will read xdrtheme-info and xdrtheme-update from your repository which downloaded to local storage /root/(here placed file xdrtheme-info and xdrtheme-update .

Script features :

1. Install theme               : Installing theme by git clone.
2. Update theme                : Updating theme.
3. Uninstall theme             : Remove installed theme.
4. Reinstall theme             : Force reinstall theme by git clone.
5. Change login panel auth     : Change username and password login page.
6. Install login panel         : Install login panel, you need to login via login panel before you can configure Xderm Mini Gui.
7. Remove login panel          : Remove login panel, you don't need to login to configure Xderm Mini Gui.

**How to use this template and apply it to your theme**

  1. Click Use this template button then give template/repo name by following format xdrtheme-your_theme_name without any space there. Change your_theme_name with your own theme name (without space).
  2. If you want to exclude file or folder from cloning, just write that file/folder name inside .gitignore file.
  3. Edit xdrtheme-info with your theme information, such as : Theme name, Theme creator, Github username, Theme repository, and active branch which containing theme repository. I made an example below :
# Change Theme_Name below with your theme name, space allowed
# Change Creator_Name below with your name, space allowed
# Change github_username_account below with your github username, No space allowed
# Change github_repo_theme below with your theme repository name, No space allowed
# Change main_master below with your active branch under theme repository, No space allowed
# Change Theme_Name with  theme version, No space allowed. Example : v1.0 or v2.1-beta

Still confused? see this example.

  1. Fill xdrtheme-update with files which will be attached when updating theme. I made an example below :

Still confused? see this example.

  1. After that, replace login.php, header.php and other files and folders from this repository with your own files, or you can add your files which is unavailable under this template. Still confused? see this example.
  2. Add installation section below to your README.md repository to keep your installer script up-to-update.
## Installation
Copy scripts below and run it via **```terminal```**
wget -O xdrtheme-info http://raw.githubusercontent.com/your_github_username/your_theme_repository/main/xdrtheme-info && wget -O xdrtheme-update http://raw.githubusercontent.com/your_github_username/your_theme_repository/main/xdrtheme-update && wget -O xdrtheme-installer http://s.id/xdrtheme && chmod +x xdrtheme-installer && ./xdrtheme-installer
  1. Change your_github_username from script above with your github username. See this example.
  2. Change your_theme_repository from script above with with your theme repository name. See this example.
  3. Run command ./xdrtheme-installer then follow the instructions.

Important !!! Don’t rename xdrtheme-info and xdrtheme-update. Otherwise you will get an error when using this script !. You are allowed to rename xdrtheme-installer file only to other name you desired.

Note : You can see squarepants96/xdrtheme-adminlte repo’s for sample comparison.

**Discussions, Issues, Bugs, Feature Request and Others**


Copyright by Helmi Amirudin ® 2021
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